You have decided to leave your home country and move to London, the capital of Britain in order to commence a new chapter in your life and pursue better career opportunities. If that’s your case keep reading because we will turn your attention on several important aspects which you should consider and take care of before you move to London from Europe.

Immigration and Visas

Citizens of the European Union can relocate to the United Kingdom without acquiring any type of visas. On the other hand if you are from a European country which isn’t part of the union such as Serbia, Macedonia, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania you will need to a visa to not only enter in Britain but also work. The only non-EU countries whose citizens can get into the United Kingdom and work without any visas and additional documents are Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein because they have special agreements with all European Union states.

Create a moving budget and hire movers

Moving from one country to another isn’t easy and more important isn’t cheap. This is why you must draft a relocation budget and stick to it in order to not drain your savings. Note that you can facilitate your move by using certified man and van services. By opting to work with professionals you will have the peace of mind that all the logistics are being handled by seasoned contractors and that all your belongings will be brought to you in a safe and timely manner.

Choosing a neighbourhood to live in

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world which is why you must carefully chose the area in which you will settle in. Rent rates are known to be higher than in order parts of Europe. So, in dependence of your budget choose a district which you can afford to pay at least three to six months’ rent.

Open a bank account

Having a bank account is perhaps the most important thing in London as it will permits you to find employment and get paid. Bear in mind that finding a job without a bank account is nearly impossible, so as soon as you get settled in, head to a bank of your choosing and start the procedure for opening an account. The bank will most likely request the following documents from you:

Get a mobile phone number

Mobile phone play an important role in modern-day society which is why it is of pivotal importance that as soon as you open a bank account to get a mobile phone number. This way potential employers can easily reach you and invite you to interviews. This will also ease your communication with your landlord, bank clerk, neighbourhoods and future friends and co-workers.

Obtain a National Insurance Number

The only way to work legally and pay taxes in Britain is to have a National Insurance Number.

Tips On How To Move To London From Europe