Property removals can be quite laborious, exhausting and time sensitive. However you can drastically ease the task in front of you by opting to work with us. We have tailored our relocation options to match in the full the highest requirements of the industry. Today we are one of the leading moving experts in the city due to the fact that we have a rich history of successful domestic and commercial removals behind our back.

Your satisfaction is the most important things to us

Our moving team is well prepared to properly organise and carry out even the most complex and demanding relocation projects. Always meeting your deadline and more importantly we have never been unsuccessful in matching the expectations of our clients. We have always prioritised on customer satisfaction, so rest assured that our moving team of highly skilled and qualified relocation technicians will give a 110% effort to execute your removal in London in full accordance with your preferences.

We have a large fleet of new moving vans and trucks at our disposal which we clean and restock after the completion of each moving project. We have equipped all our vehicles with the latest and most accurate navigational systems and it is because of this that our experienced drivers are able to find any address within the city and its surrounding areas. The cargo sections of our Lorries and Lutons are fitted with top notch safety features that keep everything in place during transit and prevent unwanted bumps and falls. Also bear in mind that we rent out all our moving vans and trucks at highly affordable rates.

We sell and delivery the best packing materials

To us it doesn’t matter whether you are facing a full scale property relocation or a single-item delivery project because we have the assets to handle both types of jobs perfectly. Our packers will meticulously and diligently prepare your belongings while our carriers will load them onto our vehicles. Keep in mind that we work only with the best packing materials because safety is of paramount importance to us. Even more, to our knowledge we are one of the few London removal firms that sell and delivery packing supplies and protective gear. So, if you are handling the packing of your possessions on your own and you are looking to use reliable materials, give us a call and we will bring them to you at a time and place of your choosing.

We also have the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out specialised removals in London that involve the hauling of expensive and delicate items such as artwork, musical instruments, specialised office equipment, construction instruments and materials, manufacturing machinery, vintage furnishings and objects, glassware and porcelain items and so on. Keep in mind that we have full CMR insurance because we are responsible contractors that like to have all angles covered. Also note that to date we have never activated our insurance policy because we have never had any accident or any kind as we always double check everything and turn extra attention to even the smallest details.

Our removal firm is known to maintain one of the largest service lists in the city. We don’t only provide man and van and removal solutions but several additional services as well. Aside of being able to help you with your relocation, we can also lend you a hand with your waste management and clearances and your end of lease cleaning duties. We can also solve all your storage troubles as we provide storage solutions of the highest quality at highest reasonable prices.

We can handle your garbage disposal for you

Speaking of rubbish removals in London know that we are certified to clear all types of garbage with the exception of toxic and chemical waste. We have the necessary resources to collect junk from both domestic and commercial properties. We work in an eco-friendly manner which means that we will carefully go through your rubbish a set aside all the items that can be recycled and reused and take them to the appropriate recycling facility. The remainder of your junk we can haul to any garbage depots of your choosing as we are licensed to work with all of them. Also feel free to contact us if you are recently remodeled your home and altered the landscape of your garden because we have the assets to collect gardening and builder’s waste.

The last thing that we want you to know about our company is that we have a full transparency policy because:

  • We firmly believe that honesty is the only way to conduct a successful business
  • We want our clients to have the peace of mind that they are working with open, diligent and responsible man and van specialists
  • We want our customers to know that we won’t shock them with hidden fees and taxes

As you have already understood we operated throughout London. The English capital is one of the most important cities in the world and is home to millions of people. It is the location of numerous famous sites and places of interest. Many consider the Tower of London to be the most intriguing landmark of the city. The White Tower which was built by the order of William the Conqueror is the oldest structure of the fortress and dates back to the late 11th century. Throughout the years the stronghold has served numerous purposes and today it is used to house the Crown Jewels.

The River Thames flows through the city and this is why London is home to some of the most beautiful bridges in the United Kingdom and Europe. Tower Bridge is arguably the most popular river crossing in the English capital and it lies in close proximity to the aforementioned Tower of London. The bridge dates back to 1894 and currently listed as a Grade I structure. It has a total length of 244 metres, while its towers are 65 metres tall. Tower Bridge is classified as a bascule-suspension bridge.