London is one of the largest and most vibrant capitals in the world. It is a touristic hotspot and according to recent numbers, it is the most visited city on the planet, ahead of Paris and Bangkok. The British capital owes its popularity to its rich historic and cultural heritage, as well as to its numerous internationally recognised landmarks. Despite its notoriety that are some things that most people do not know about London.

  1. Savoy Court the only street in the UK with right-sided traffic

Savoy Court is the road that leads to the entrance of the world famous Savoy Hotel. The luxurious hotel dates back to 1889 and was built by impresario Richard D`Oyly Carte. There are numerous theories, why Savoy Court has right-sided traffic but the most popular is that it was because of the taxis drops as the hotel’s door is situated on the right side of the street. The road has a tiny roundabout, which means that only automobile with a turning circle of 25 feet or less can access it.

Politicians benefit from low-priced ale

  1. The Palace of Westminster serves the cheapest beer in London

The Palace of Westminster is one of the city’s most emblematic buildings. It is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is unquestionably one of the most visited landmarks of the British capital. The edifice is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords but it houses more than offices and a plenary hall, as it also has six restaurants, a rifle-shooting range, a hair salon and eight bars that serve the least expensive ale in the city.

  1. Driving a black cab requires a strong memory

Black cab parked in LondonBlack cab chauffeurs are obligated to memorise all steers and important structures that are located within six miles from the noted junction of Charing Cross. All drivers are subjected to a detailed test known as “The Knowledge” before they are allowed to provide taxi services to Londoners and guests of the English capital.

Even the Queen has to deal with bureaucracy

  1. Even the reigning monarch needs permission from time to time

The reigning monarch, which is currently Queen Elizabeth II, may be the head of the British State but she still needs to obtain authorisation from the Lord Mayor of London to enter in the City of London, which is the historic centre of the British capital.

  1. London is a city of the world

Studies show that as of date over 300 languages are being spoken in the English capital. They also reveal that almost every nationality and ethnic group is present within the population of the city. This means, that more and more people from all four corners to the globe are moving to London in order to start a new life. This constant incoming traffic has allowed some man and van companies to flourish as nowadays a large number of people hire Now Removals as they are known to provide complete house removal services in London.

  1. Thames is not the capital’s only river

Geological and geographical studies have shown that an estimate of 20 subterranean rivers are currently flowing under London

Six Facts About the English Capital’s Uniqueness