Among the quintessential packing supplies that you need when you are preparing to move home are moving boxes. In fact, chances are that you will need many cardboard boxes to fit and pack all of your belongings. Moving boxes offer a great convenience because they are:

  • Available in all sizes and types;
  • Not too expensive to buy;
  • Easy to find, as well as to use;

However, packing your possessions in cardboard boxes when moving home is not always a must. In some rare cases, you can make an exception. But if you do decide to ditch specialised moving boxes, you need to a find good alternative methods to prep your items for transportation.

When is it ok to ditch the moving boxes?

Your relocation is likely to be better organised and more risk-free if you pack your possessions in moving boxes. But if you are getting ready for a really short-distance move, may not need to use cardboard boxes at all. If, for example, you are moving across the street or if your new home is less than 10 minutes away from your old one, you will not need to make too many extra preparations in advance. While that does not mean that you should not pack your items, there will be nothing wrong with taking things down a notch.

Pictured: Carrying many moving boxes

Those of you who need to move in a rush may not have enough time to find moving boxes or to even pack all of their possessions. However, this is when the risks of having some of your items damaged or stolen are often the highest. So, if you are racing against time when relocating, consider relying on quality packing services in London. In that way, you will be more likely to win that race without any casualties (i.e. broken glasses, scratched furniture and etc.).

Another reason why some people choose to go box-less when moving home is that they cannot afford to spend too much money on their relocation. Yes, cardboard boxes are not very expensive but if you have a lot of items to move, then you will need many moving boxes which can easily increase your overall relocation expenses.

What to use instead of moving boxes?

So, let’s say that you have decided that you will boycott the moving box traditions for one reason or another. But you will still need to pack your possessions in some way. The best cardboard box alternative is travel bags and suitcases. As a matter of fact, even if you are well-stocked up with boxes, you should not overlook this idea because it saves time and it makes good use of bulky suitcases which take up too much space in the moving van. Big tote bags will also do. You can also pack some of your clothes and towels in bin bags. However, do not try to move anything heavy, bulky or fragile in them because this is simply a recipe for a disaster.

Using your drawers as moving boxes is also not a bad idea. But keep in mind that you should only put non-fragile items in them such as books and clothes. Also, this packing method may make your chest of drawers very heavy and tricky to move. So, be extra careful!

An Outside of the Box Move with No Moving Boxes