As soon as you find out about your removal, you will feel that your first task should be packing. You are almost right. Packing should be second and decluttering should be your first moving task. Sure, you might be tempted to pack everything and finish faster, but after you find out all the benefits of decluttering first, you will definitely change your mind.

Looking for motivation?

Once you understand why decluttering is relevant, it will be easier for you to do it. You will find your motivation after you learn that decluttering will save you time, money and space. The actual process of decluttering is time-consuming but long-term benefits will motivate you to complete this relevant moving task.

  1. Reduce transportation cost

It is simple: the more items you move, the more expensive it will be. Most moving companies take a weight of the possessions before charging you. Therefore, if you want to reduce transportation costs, you will get rid of unnecessary items and reduce your moving company bill.

  1. Reduce packing time

Decluttering will save you tons of time when packing. After you declutter and get rid of broken items or other possessions you don’t use anymore, you will have less stuff to pack, and later unpack after you arrive at your new home. It will be easier to sort out the items and you will have more time to take care for other moving tasks.

  1. Earn extra money

You are probably wondering how decluttering can help you earn money. Well, after you declutter and decide what items you do not want to move with you, you should separate items you want to toss and the items that could be sold. You can organize a garage sale or you can sell stuff using Internet. Either way, you can earn money and use it for other removal costs.

  1. You will have a decluttered new home

When you look around and see that there are items you actually haven’t used for years, you will realize that they do just take up the space and collect dust. And since you are staring fresh, moving to a new home, you really don’t want that stuff there, right? Let this motivate you additionally to get rid of as much junk as possible.

  1. Reduce storage fees

Depending on the situation perhaps you will need to rent a storage unit before you move to your new house. It is when you need to move out and your new place is not ready yet for you to move in. So, the more items you have the more space you will need, which means it will be more expensive. Therefore, declutter and save money on your storage fees.

  1. Reduce the stress

Believe it or not, having a clutter can increase your stress levels when preparing for move. You have to pack all that stuff, you have to pay more money for transportation and storage. Additionally, you will end up with items you don’t need or won’t use. Therefore, you will try to find the ways to reduce the stress and this is one of them.

How to find Motivation to Decluttered before Removal