Relocations can be very stressful, especially for your children who cannot fully comprehend why they have to pack their belongings and leave behind their neighbourhood and friends. This is why we decided to present to you several pointers which will allow you to make your upcoming move as easy and smooth as possible for your kids.

Tip 1: Talk with your children

Regardless of their age, you should sit down and have a conversation with your kids. Explain to them in details why you have decided to relocate and the benefits that it will bring to the family. Listen to what they have to say and discuss the issues that they are bringing to light. Never under any circumstances announce the news as an order which they must execute without the right of an opinion. This will not only create a tension between yourself and your children but will also elevate the stress levels involve in your removal and make the entire endeavor a tiresome and laborious task.

Tip 2: Involve your children in the planning

It doesn’t matter whether they can actually help you or not, you should involve them into the organisation of your upcoming relocation. For example you can ask them to help you scout and find a reliable and well-equipped removal company to hire. If they are old enough you can discuss with them the numerous quotes that you receive, so that you can define a moving budget and will best accommodate your means. Be creative and find a way to involve them in the preparation work as it will make them feel as an equal member of the family.

Tip 3: Have them pack their possessions

ChildrenBy having your children sort, filter and prepare their belongings you will not only involve them in one of the most important tasks concerning your relocation but you will also showcase your trust. Even more, studies show that when kids conduct their own packing it helps them accept the fact that they will be moving and that they will have to leave behind their friends, school, neighbours and other family members. If your children are too small to conduct their packing on their own, give them a hand but always make them feel helpful and involved. This will drastically reduce the stress and will certainly bring your closer to them.

Tip 4: Show them pictures of the new area

Preparing your children for the upcoming move isn’t the only thing that you must get them ready for. You should also facilitate their acclimatisation to their new environment. You can do that by showing them pictures of your new home and neighbourhood. By subscribing them in advance to their new school and show them the facility via the institution’s website. You can also seek out local landmarks and make plans to visit them. Last but not least, make sure that you quickly find the right places and clubs where your kids can practice their favorite activities. All this will ease the transition.

Tip 5: Host a farewell party

Give your kids the opportunity to take their goodbyes with all the people that are important to them. This will give them a sense of closure and will also permit you to take your farewells as well. Plus a party is also fun!

How to move with kids